Debit Cards

Debit Card Alerts

Peninsula Credit Union now offers debit card alerts. Click “Debit Card Alerts” over on the menu on the right under the resources menu or go to to sign up!


Debit Card Activation

To activate your card, simply call 866-985-2273 from the home phone number listed on your account. The system agent will verify that the phone number that you are calling from matches up with the one you have previously provided. If the number matches, the card will be activated. If you are calling from a different phone number than what is on your account, you will need to provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number for verification.

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Debit Card Security

If your debit card has been lost or stolen, or if your account seems to be reflecting purchases that were not made by you, it is important that you immediately contact Peninsula Credit Union. The best place to start is by calling a Member Services Representative at 360-426-1601 or 800-426-1601. If it is the weekend, holiday or after hours, the automated attendant will walk you through how to reach our fraud detection service.

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Planning to Travel?

Sometimes travel can trigger a notification that can place your debit card on hold.  If you are planning on traveling,  please contact us before you do so that we can update your information. If your card is put on hold, our fraud monitoring group will attempt to contact you. That is why it is important that we have your best contact telephone numbers. Due to security reasons, we cannot text or email members regarding these holds.

Please keep these numbers handy in case a block is placed on your card while you are away:

  • 888-918-7313 (within the U.S.)
  • 727-299-2449 (request international collect)
  • 727-540-9434 (international after hours for lost or stolen cards)

As a Peninsula Credit Union member, you can rest easier knowing your debit card is being protected by our fraud detection system.

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Debit Card Activation

Find out how to activate your debit card so you can start using it for purchases.

Card Member Security

If your debit card has been lost, stolen or compromised, learn what to do here.

Debit Card Alerts

Have you signed up for Free Debit Card Alerts?

Receive a text message or email when your card is used and set custom alerts for transactions types and dollar amounts!

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