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eStatement Questions and Answers

When I click on the "hyperlink check" on my eStatement, nothing happens. 

The most common cause of this problem is your internet browser's pop-up blocker restricting access. To remove eStatements to the pop up blocker:

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on Tools then Internet Options
  • Select the Privacy Tab
  • Under the setting for Pop-up Blocker, select the button for Settings (if this is greyed out the Pop-Up-Blocker is not on).
  • Once in the settings, type in the box Address of website to allow: ""
  • Select Close then Apply or OK


  • Select Tools then Options
  • Select the Content icon
  • The first choice is Block Pop-up windows, click on Exceptions
  • Once in the Exceptions box type in the box Address of website to allow: ""
  • Click on Allow
  • Click on Close then OK

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When I click on a hyperlink check the box comes up “We’re sorry the image you are trying to view is currently unavailable”.

The reason for this message is some types of transactions do not generate an image, for example an ACH type transaction.  For more information regarding this transaction, the details are found within the statement. 

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How do I register my account(s) for eStatements?

Registering is easy. Simply click on the eStatement enrollment link on our web site. For the primary account holder, click the "Register" button on the sign on page and then simply follow the instructions online, including entering your: social security number, date of birth, and account number. It is extremely important that you follow the format listed for each of these fields. Also, you will be asked to provide a valid email address so that you can be notified when your eStatements are available.

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What if I am having trouble registering?

Most registration errors are a result of incorrect formatting. First check to make sure you have provided your information in the appropriate format specified for each field. Also make sure that you are providing the information for the main member and not the joint owner(s). If you still experience problems when trying to register, please contact our Support Services department by , or by phone at (360) 426-1601. If you are calling from out of the area please call (800) 426-1601.

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How will I know when my registration has been completed successfully?

Once you've completed the registration process you will receive an email confirming your successful registration.

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How will I know when I can view my eStatement?

You will receive an email notification whenever a new statement is available for viewing. If the statement is not viewed within a certain time frame, a reminder email will be sent as a follow up.

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Why am I not receiving my email notification?

Your email notification may be being blocked by your spam filter. You will need to allow any emails from the domain. You can do this by adding the domain name to your safe list. For more information, please consult your spam filter documentation.

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Can I print my eStatement(s) out?

Yes. You can print your statements, and you can also save them to a hard drive, thumbrive, disc, et.

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How long will my eStatement(s) be available for viewing online?

Each monthly eStatement will generally remain available for viewing for 12 months after it has been posted. After 12 months have passed, your oldest eStatement(s) will no longer be available once a newer eStatement becomes available for viewing.

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What happens if I forget my password?

Go to the sign on page for eStatements and click on the link at the bottom of the screen that reads, "Forgot your user name and/or password?" Once there, the system will require you to change your password.

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Can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time by selecting "Change Registration Information", and then choosing "Change Your Password" once you have logged in.

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Can I change my user name?

Yes, but you will FIRST have to contact our Support Services department and request to have your current registration deleted. This request may take 1-2 days to be completed. After that you will need to re-register with a new user name.

Please Note: It is best to give your user name some thought before registering to avoid having to change it later. We highly recommend using your main credit union account number as your user name.

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What if I have multiple account numbers?

You can link your account numbers together in the eStatement application, as long as the accounts have the same primary Social Security Number. Upon registering for the first account, the system will automatically prompt you to link accounts, if you have other accounts on file. Once you have linked your accounts, all of your statements will be available to you with a single log in. If you open another account at a later time, you can link that account by selecting "Change Registration", and then choosing "Link Accounts".

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What do I do if my email address changes?

You can provide your new email address for eStatement notification by selecting "Change Registration Information", and then choosing "Change Your Email Address". Please be aware that any changes to your eStatement email address will NOT be reflected in your Peninsula Online Services account information.

Please Note: If you wish to change your email address for Online Services please sign into your Online Account and click on the “Your Preferences - Contact Information” link on the left side of the screen. From there you can change your email address and other personal information related to your Peninsula Online Services. Changes to personal information in this screen are NOT applied to your eStatement accounts.

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What if I get a new email address and forget to change my email address for eStatement notifications?

We are required by law to notify members when their eStatement(s) are available for viewing each month. You are responsible to update the email address we have on file for you if it changes. If it is not updated, your email notification will return to us as “undeliverable.” If we cannot notify you via email we attempt to notify you another way. We may, at our discretion, revert your account back to paper statements at any time. In this case, (as with paper statements) your account may be subject to an Invalid Address fee as listed in our eStatement disclosure.

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Do I have to be registered for Home Banking or Bill Payment services in order to register for eStatements?

No. It is not necessary to have Home Banking or Bill Payment to register for eStatements. You must, however, supply a valid email address to register and use the service.

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While viewing my eStatement(s) I got an error message that read “Acrobat Plug-in, Could not find Acrobat External Window Handler.” What does this mean?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free software program that is used to display your eStatement(s) online. When this error message is displayed it usually means your Acrobat Reader software is missing some component or it may have become corrupted. Adobe recommends that you completely uninstall the Acrobat Reader software from your PC and reinstall—preferably with the latest version. If you continue to have problems once you have reinstalled Acrobat, try setting your Internet browser to allow encrypted pages to be saved to disk.

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What do I do if I'm having trouble viewing my eStatement from my home computer?

Recent changes to your operating system software such as upgrades, downloads, and/or system enhancements can affect your PC's ability to connect with secure sites, including our eStatement site.

We recommend trying the following steps:

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When I try to view my eStatement(s) from home I get a blank screen. What can I do fix this?

Sometimes this may be due to a slow Internet connection. In addition, some pop-up blocker and firewall programs may prevent access to your eStatement(s). If you utilize either of these types of programs, you may need to disable certain features of those programs in order to view your eStatements. Some pop-up blockers allow you to specify a timeout period for pop-up ads to load. You may need to increase this setting to 2 or 3 seconds or disable it altogether until after you read or download your eStatement(s).

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What can I do if I'm having trouble viewing my eStatement(s) from my work place computer?

Recent changes to your operating system software such as upgrades, downloads, and/or system enhancements can affect your PC's ability to connect with secure sites, including our eStatement site.

In an office/work environment your computer department is likely using pop-up blockers and/or firewall programs and other devices that may prevent access to eStatements. You should contact your computer department personnel to ask whether or not your office computer or network is configured in such a way as to be able to securely view eStatements. It will then be up to your computer system personnel to make sure any computer or network changes are not in conflict with any security policies, which may be in place.

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Your eStatement enrollment form asks for personal information that you already have. Why can't I just use my Online Services login to access your eStatement service?

The reason you cannot use your current Online Services login to access eStatements is because the account information for eStatements does not reside on our servers. We maintain service level, branding, privacy, and security agreements with a third party provider to house and administrate our eStatement service as directed by us. Member information is not shared and is kept secured at all times. Once a member submits their enrollment data it is verified against what we already have on file in order to insure they are who they say they are. Only when a member submits their enrollment information to our provider's eStatement server, and it is verified by us, does any account information get transferred to our provider's server for presentment over the Internet.

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Do I need any special software to use Peninsula Credit Union’s eStatement service?

If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator and Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4 or higher) on your computer, you're all set. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can click here for your free download.

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Does it matter if I use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to access the Internet?

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher is the preferred browser for accessing this application.

Netscape Navigator users have experienced some challenges. If you choose to proceed with Netscape Navigator, first click this link for instructions on configuring Netscape to read PDF files in Windows. If you use Macintosh, click here.

Members who use AOL supplied software to browse the Internet may experience occasional viewing problems when trying to view their eStatement(s).

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Can I view my eStatement through my Web TV?

Web TV does not support the industry standard security and encryption services needed to view eStatements securely. Because of this, Web TV users are not able to access their eStatements.

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I'm having trouble creating a username and password.

Username and passwords must both be 8 characters long. The password must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter, and at least one number.

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What is Anti-Phishing?

A Phishing scam attempts to gather sensitive and personal details from a user at a fake website whose look and feel is almost identical to the legitimate one. The bait used to initiate the scam is usually an e-mail or instant message instructing the user to click a link to the fake website.

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Why does E-Statement need an Anti-Phishing phrase from me?

This adds another layer of security to protect your personal information. The phrase you create will be printed on the page during the log in process BEFORE you supply your password. If you do not see your phrase, do not enter the website.

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May I create my own security question?

Unfortunately, you must select from our bank of 30+ questions.

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What is that box with the weird text on my login screen?

This is another added security feature, called CAPTCHA text. This ensures a computer program cannot try login attempts over and over. When a failed login occurs, the CAPTCHA text changes as well, you must enter the new CAPTCHA text again when you re-enter your credentials.

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What does CAPTCHA mean?

This is an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing Testing to Tell Computers and Humans Apart".

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