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Online Services Questions and Answers

How much does Online Services Access cost?

Access to your accounts for transfers, inquiries and withdrawals is absolutely free! And, you can add BillPayer services with no monthly charge. Please see our BillPayer Q&A page for more information on this option.

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How can I get assistance if I have questions about Peninsula Online Services?

First, try finding your question in one of our Questions and Answers pages. If you cannot find the help you need, you may contact a Member Service Representative at Peninsula Community Federal Credit Union by calling 360/426-1601 or 800/426-1601, during business hours. Or you may contact a Member Service Representative via .

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Do I need to load any additional software on my PC or MAC?

To use our Online Services, you only need access to the Internet using your Web Browser. We support either Firefox® 2.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher. Our experience has shown Microsoft Internet Explorer to work best, so this is our recommendation. Other browsers may work but must support frames, SSL, Java 1.1 and the HTML 3.2 standard.

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How do I access Peninsula Online Services?

New users must first obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once you have a PIN number, simply enter your User ID (account number) into our website.

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How do I get a PIN Number?

To receive an online PIN Number, members must read and agree to the Peninsula Online Services terms and conditions and submit a Home Banking Self Enrollment Application. Sign up.

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How can I change my PIN Number?

You have the ability to change your PIN/password at any time when using this service. To do this you must already be logged-in. This assures you of complete confidentiality. Your PIN/password may be any combination of four-to-ten alpha and/or numeric characters. It should be easy for you to remember, but not so obvious that someone else can figure it out. You will need to log off Online Services, after you perform a PIN/password change in order for the change to become effective.

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What if I forget my PIN Number?

If you forget your PIN/Password you will need to call our Member Service Center at 360/426-1601 or toll free at 800/426-1601 to reorder your new PIN. You will need to verify your identity when you call.

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I tried to log in and my PIN won't work. What should I do?

Your PIN number may need to be reset. Peninsula Online has a built in security feature that automatically disables your PIN after three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. To request a new or updated PIN or to be reset, . You may also contact Member Services at 360-426-1601 (800-426-1601), during business hours.

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I'm having trouble transferring funds between accounts. What should I do?

To transfer funds between different accounts, you must be set up for Cross Account Transfers on your accounts. To request to have Cross Account Transfers enabled on your account, . If you have already been set up for this service and are still experiencing problems, please contact Member Services at 360/426-1601 or 800/426-1601 during business hours.

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When do transactions post to my account?

The transactions you perform via Peninsula Online Services are live. They will instantly post to your account.

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How current is the Account Access information on my screen?

Balances, available balances, and transactions are obtained directly from Peninsula Credit Union's computer system. Most information and transactions are conducted in "real-time", online basis. This means the information on your screen is the most up-to-date available at the time you are viewing it.

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How much past information can I view?

You may view up to 7 months of account history.

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Can I access my account information directly with Microsoft Money or Quicken?

This capability is not available.

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I use Microsoft Money/Quicken. Can I download account information to load into either of these programs?

Neither MS Money nor Quicken are supported.

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When is Peninsula Online Services available?

Peninsula Online Services is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our services may be temporarily interrupted for a brief period of time for data processing or routine maintenance. If you encounter a problem logging-in please try again at a later time before contacting our Member Service Center.

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How long can an Online session last?

You have unlimited time to perform transactions, but if your connection is inactive for 20 minutes, our server will automatically terminate your session and log you off. You can log in again at any time.

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Will I receive a receipt for transactions performed online?

No. However, you can easily print your own record of transaction(s) if you have a printer attached to your PC.

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Information For Users Of AOL

Some PCFCU members have reported difficulties using Peninsula Online Services when using AOL to get online. Most of the difficulties reported have to do with our online PIN application not working correctly. Users of AOL 6.0 have not reported any difficulties accessing their account information after receiving a PIN through alternate means (printing the application and mailing or faxing it in). The easiest fix for this problem, and most likely other Internet browsing problems not related to our Online Services, is to download and install the free Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and use it to access our Online Services through your AOL connection. To do this, simply log on to AOL as you normally would. Once connected, minimize AOL by clicking on the minus sign (-) in the upper right corner of your screen. At this point, you can access our Online Services via Internet Explorer by clicking on its icon and entering our web address in the Address bar. Remember to close your AOL connection when finished with the Internet.

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