Phone Scam Warning in our Area

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Member security is very important to us. As such, please be advised that members may be receiving phone calls from scammers posing as credit union employees. If you receive such a call, please note that we will never contact you to ask for any personal identifying information for verification purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Social Security Number
  • Credit Card or Debit Card Number
  • PIN numbers
  • Asking for account info to be texted to us
  • To send/wire money to a 3rd party
  • We would also never ask for personal information on social media.

If you receive a call asking for this information, please be aware that this is a possible fraud situation. To verify, always hang up without disclosing your personal information and call our customer service directly at 360.426.1601. As an extra precaution, we suggest that members verify that their home banking contact information is updated and that log-in passwords are frequently changed.

If you supplied personal information via email, phone, social media or other means to someone you suspect was scamming you, contact Peninsula Credit Union at 360.426.1601.

What should you do to keep yourself safe from this type of scam?

  • Be vigilant in protecting your sensitive information. Knowing that these scams happen is the first step.
  • Use caller ID to verify any number who calls you, and if it does not match any number you know, it’s possible that it is a scam.
  • We also recommend that you only give out sensitive information if you initiated the call to a number you know you can trust.

Bottom line, if you aren’t sure, hang up and call us at: 360.426.1601.

Although this list is specific to Peninsula Credit Union, we think it can be useful for others, so please share it with friends and family.



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