IRAs include traditional, Roth, and Education IRAs in certificate form. Dividends on traditional IRAs are tax free until you begin to make withdrawals. (Check with your personal tax advisor to see if you are eligible to deduct your IRA contributions). You may choose from terms ranging from 6 months to 60 months.

IRA Comparisons

An IRA is a personal savings plan that offers you tax advantages to set aside money for your retirement or, in some plans, for certain education expenses or first-time home purchase. PCFCU offers you a number of IRAs to choose from, including Traditional, Roth, or Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts (CESA).

Traditional IRAs are powerful tools in creating a balanced, long-term savings plan that will help provide safety and security for you and your family for years to come. Contributions may be deducted from your taxable income, reducing the income taxes you pay now.

Roth IRAs offer members an easy and safe way to plan for the future. Your contributions are not tax-deductible but the earnings within the IRA are tax-free as long as your funds have been in the account for at least five years and you are either over age 59½, disabled, or buying a first home.

Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts (known formerly as the Education IRA) can help your children attain their dreams of a college education. Although contributions are not tax-deductible, your withdrawals (including earnings) are tax-free if used for tuition, books, and other qualified higher-education expenses.

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