SavvyMoney Checkup

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SavvyMoney Checkup

Are you still trying to recover from holiday spending last year? You’re not alone! It’s easy to fall into the trap – most of us work hard all year saving our pennies and watching our budgets then bam! The holidays came and we dipped into our savings and flashed our credit cards to buy presents. Some of us were lured into a zero interest no money down large purchase as long as we pay it off before a certain date. Now that date is coming.

We know many of you have made resolutions this year to spend less, save more, build emergency funds and live within your budget and Peninsula Credit Union is here to help! We invite you to try a simple, easy to use, non-intrusive tool called SavvyMoney Checkup!

SavvyMoney Checkup is an absolutely free, secure, anonymous online tool to assess your finances, evaluate your budget and get a handle on your credit. Through a series of simple, easily answered questions, SavvyMoney Checkup helps you understand your current finances and gives you straight-forward solutions to paying down debt and saving money. It provides you with a customized, printable budget. You can fill it out on your own at your leisure or connect directly with a Peninsula Credit Union staff member who can assist you with any additional questions or needs.

It’s simple! Gather your latest bills, last paycheck stub and follow the FREE SavvyMoney Checkup link. From there, click “Get Started” to see recommended tips on how you can get your debt in focus. Don’t worry if life gets in the way, simply register with your email address and log back in later. Your information will be saved.

There is no time like today to get started with your SavvyMoney Checkup!

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