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Security Statement

With the Internet being the fastest growing form of commercial exchange in the world, the need for tight security is paramount. At Peninsula Credit Union we’ve taken a serious, pro-active, approach to this issue. From the ground up, we’ve implemented several layers of security to effectively safeguard your financial assets and keep your account information private. Our online financial services are delivered to your desktop PC in a protected environment using several industry recognized security standards, technologies, and “best practices” to secure your financial data and prevent unauthorized access to our systems.

Security Measures

Our security infrastructure includes automatic sign-off, data encryption, secure firewalls, password lockouts, and the use of secure browsing software. Please read further for more information on each of these security features.

Automatic Sign Off
Sometimes you may be using a remote computer when you’re banking online. Or, an emergency may take you away from your computer for an unplanned period of time. In either case, remembering to sign-off is very important. However, if you do not sign-off, our system will automatically sign-off for you after a predetermined period of inactivity.

All internet transactions with Peninsula Credit Union utilize the Secured Sockets Layer or SSL protocol to encrypt and authenticate data. SSL creates a secure channel for data transmission and provides the transfer capability of a digitally signed certificate to your computer’s web browser. Digital certificates enforce web site integrity and ensure that financial and sensitive data cannot be modified or viewed while in transit.

Peninsula Credit Union is protected by a multiple firewalls. Each firewall acts as a barrier between the outside Internet and our internal credit union network. A firewall verifies all network traffic and determines whether or not to permit access to our network. This allows only pertinent authorized, information to flow in and out of our credit union network. Visit the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for more general information about firewalls and internet security.

Password Lockout
In order to transact business online, members are required to sign-on with a unique password. If someone else is trying to enter a password to view your financial information, he/she won’t get far. Peninsula Credit Union allows only a limited number of attempts to enter a valid password. After the preset limit of failed attempts has been triggered, an account is automatically “locked down”. No further login attempts will be processed until the problem is reported and corrected.

What You Can Do To Maintain Security
Treat your Online Services PIN/Password as you treat your ATM PIN. Do not reveal your PIN/Password to anyone.

Do not write down your Online Services PIN/Password or leave it in the view of other users of your computer.

Keep all documents that include your account information in a secure location, including ATM cards, monthly account statements and your Online Services Password.

For added security, make sure your browser is set to “not save encrypted pages to disk.” For further help with these settings you will need to consult your browser’s online help files or the resources listed on your particular browser’s web site.

If you notice any unusual account activity change your PIN/Password immediately and notify our Member Service Center by calling 360/426-1601 or 800-426-1601.

Secure Browsing Software
Peninsula Credit Union is dedicated to providing alternative banking options with stringent security measures in place to protect our members. In addition, members are required to use an internet browser with 128 bit encryption installed. We recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox with 128 bit encryption enabled. All of these browsers and/or encryption packs are available free of charge by downloading from the internet.

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