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Financial Fitness

To connect with our community, empowering and inspiring others to make wise financial decisions and beneficial life choices.

Are you feeling stressed about money on a regular basis? Are you having trouble keeping up with basic expenses, much less saving for life’s unpredictable emergencies and your future plans? We understand it can only take one or two missteps or obstacles to derail a family’s financial future, and Peninsula financial coaching can help you get back on track towards financial wellness.

How can we improve your financial fitness?

Get immediate help

Meet your immediate financial needs with our payday loan alternative.

Start saving

Create a budget and start building a small emergency fund to buffer you against the unexpected.

Pay off debt

Free yourself from high interest debt, one balance at a time.

Rebuild your credit

Repair your damaged credit with our secured cards and accounts.

At Peninsula Credit Union, we care about your financial wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal matters. And should you need, BALANCE can assist with confidential, no-cost financial counseling services to help you develop a sensible budget managing spending and debt. For all your financial life stage changes and more, we—in partnership with BALANCE—are here to help.

Benefits of BALANCE


Learn the basics of personal finance with the BalanceTrack educational modules. Register for a free user account or log in to get started.


Attend free money management webinars. Learn the basics of financial planning, and create a future of security and opportunities.

Online Tools

Access financial education anytime you need it. Increase your know-how with articles, financial calculators, videos, checklists, quizzes, and more.

Identity Theft Toolkit

The resources in this toolkit are designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills you will need to protect your identity.

Register for BALANCE Today

Monthly Fitness Tip

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

At Peninsula, we’re proud to partner with BALANCE to empower our Spanish-speaking community members. In line with this year’s theme of Prosperity, Power, and Progress, we’ve teamed up with CIELO (Centro Integral Educativo Latino de Olympia) and The Shelton Timberland Library to bring you something special!


Seminarios web GRATUITOS en español


September 21: Cómo mejorar su presupuesto (Building a Better Budget)



September 28: Comprender el crédito (Understanding Credit)



October 5: La psicología del gasto (Psychology of Spending)



October 12: 10 pasos para alcanzar el éxito financiero (Ten Steps to Financial Success)


Raise Your Credit Score with Experian Boost

Boost can help you rebuild your credit and achieve better Financial Wellbeing. A majority of consumers using Experian Boost see an increase (overall, 62% see a boost).

Learn More
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Make a fresh start with our Second Chance programs

Life happens to us all. If you’ve gone through a rough time and are feeling financially unstable, our Second Chance products may be right for you. We offer a range of options, and together, we can create a plan that works best for you. Call us at 1.800.426.1601 or stop by your local Peninsula branch to get started on a new path.

What is a Second Chance?

  • Get immediate help
  • Start saving
  • Pay off debt
  • Rebuild your credit

“I first learned about Peninsula when I was attending a Super Saturday event. When I wanted to start my account I went in and they made it easy and educational. I'm glad that I chose Peninsula to help me out. ”

Financial Coaching

  • Darrell McVea, Community Financial Educator

    Darrell McVea

    Community Financial Educator

    Hi! My name is Darrell McVea, and I am the Community Financial Educator with Peninsula Credit Union of Shelton. I’ve been married to the woman of my dreams for 31 years. She has gifted me 3 children, who between them, have gifted me with 5 grandchildren, all who live within 15 miles of our home. I love fishing, travelling, and taking long walks with my family.

    My work with Peninsula Credit Union provides Financial Education without cost to the communities we serve. I am passionate about being able to do this and look forward to helping you achieve your financial dreams. A good understanding of your finances can help make your dreams come true and break the cycle of poverty. Early in life, I wish I had a mentor who would have educated me on money matters. I found that mentor in the woman I married.

    Let me help you achieve financial fitness, whether you are dreaming of a college education, that new car, or a first home. Give me a call. My priority is you and helping make your financial dreams come true.

Contact our Financial Educator

360.426.1601 x3184

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