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IRAs & Certificates

An “Individual Retirement Account” is a type of savings account that provides tax benefits to help you save for retirement. Anyone with an income can open an IRA.

A CD is a certificate of deposit. CD’s are a low risk investment in which you are paid interest quarterly to keep funds on hold in your account for a set term. Our CD terms vary from 6 months to 5 years. Each term has a different dividend rate for you to earn from the funds on hold. Because the funds are on hold, it is not easily accessible to spend; making it a good way to save!

Penalties can apply for withdrawing money before the maturity date.

Personal Savings

A savings account is how Peninsula Credit Union establishes your membership with the credit union. A $5 balance is required to open and maintain the account. After establishing your savings account the full account suite is available for your utilization as a member/owner.

Yes, you’re allowed to take one withdrawal from your Save to Win account in the 12-month period. A $25 withdrawal fee may apply.

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