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How are payments delivered to billers (payees)?

The three payment methods are:

  • On the payment date you specify, an electronic credit is sent to your biller and an electronic debit is sent to your account. Your account will be electronically debited on your scheduled payment date. This method is used when the company or biller you are paying has an electronic agreement set up with our Bill Pay partner.
  • Electronic-to-check payment – A check is drawn on our Bill Pay partner’s account and mailed to your biller several days prior to the payment date you specify. Your account will be electronically debited on your scheduled payment date.
  • Laser-printed check – A check, drawn on your account with your account encoding printed on the bottom, is mailed to the biller. Billers receiving laser checks deposit them just like ordinary checks. Your account will be debited as if you had written a personal check, when the biller cashes the check and it is presented for payment.

NOTE: If you are not sure how your biller is going to be paid, plan on the money coming out of your account right away by deducting it from your check register. If your biller received a laser check, the money will not come out of your account until they cash it, however; it would be wise to deduct this amount from your check register right away, similarly to when you write a personal check.

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