Checking Accounts

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Peninsula Credit Union offers several checking accounts to meet our members’ needs.

All Peninsula Credit Union checking accounts include:

  • Peninsula Debit Card
  • Direct deposit
  • Internet Banking with bill paying features
  • Free 24-Hour Audio Response
  • No “per check charge”
  • Free access to tellers and phone representatives
  • Free eStatements

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Simpl-e Checking Your simple checking account.

Keeping it simple, easy and free is what Simpl-e Checking is all about. Save time and maybe even a tree or two by doing things electronically. With online and mobile banking, electronic bill payment and eStatements, members may never have to go near their mailbox again!

No monthly fee with eStatement enrollment (if not signed up for eStatements, paper statement production charge is $2.50)

  • No minimum balance
  • Peninsula Debit Card
  • Direct deposit
  • Internet Banking with bill paying features
  • Free 24-Hour Audio Response
  • No “per check charge”
  • Free access to tellers and phone representatives

Vista A truly rewarding account.

Better than free checking, Vista is the ultimate checking account! Peninsula Credit Union Members can receive an incredible 1.25% Annual Percentage Yield on their account with no minimum balance and up to $20.00 in ATM fees anywhere, just by doing three simple things monthly!


  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fee
  • Free cash & check (debit) card
  • Free online banking
  • Overdraft protection available

Account Details

  • Must use PCU debit card a minimum of 12 purchase transactions per monthly statement cycle – minimum dollar amount of qualifying debit transaction: $5 (five dollars)
  • Receive eStatements monthly (member must sign up with a valid email address)
  • Access your Vista account online at least once monthly
  • Vista Checking dividends are paid on the average daily balance up to 10,000 if account requirements are met.

Vista Checking Rates

DIVIDENDS are not paid on checking accounts with the exception of the Vista Checking Account as described below.

With Vista Checking you receive 1.25% APY on your account with no minimum balance and unlimited free ATM use nationwide just by doing the following three things monthly: 1) Use e-statements 2) Log onto your Vista account online 3) Use your debit card a minimum of 12 transactions per monthly statement cycle – minimum dollar amount of qualifying debit transaction: $5 (five dollars).

Vista Checking Questions and Answers

What happens if I do not meet the monthly requirements for Vista Checking?
Premium dividends are not paid and ATM fees are not refunded for that statement cycle, a $1.00 fee will be charged for each ATM transaction at any ATM other than at a Peninsula Credit Union location.

Can the dividends change on my Vista account?
Yes. The dividend rate can change.

Is there a cap on the amount I can earn dividends on?
Vista Checking is paid on the average daily balance up to $10,000, if account requirements are met. Any part of a balance over $10,000.00 will not receive a dividend.

Do I have to do anything in order to get my ATM refund?
No. Upon meeting the monthly requirements, ATM refunds will automatically be posted to the account.

If my account balance goes negative, will I still be able to qualify for my rewards during that statement cycle?
Yes, if the requirements are met.

How many Vista accounts can I have?
Vista accounts are limited to one per Taxpayer Identification Number (Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

If I fail to meet the requirements during this statement cycle, can I still have a chance to qualify during the next statement cycle?
Yes, each month is viewed as a new requirement period.

What is the statement cycle for Vista Checking?
For dividend and qualification calculation purposes, a month is defined as the last day of the month to the day before the last day of the next month.

If I use my Debit Card at an ATM, will that transaction count towards my requirements?
No. ATM/Cash withdrawals do not count towards this requirement. Only Debit Card point of sale (purchase) transactions count.

May I “carry forward” Debit Card transactions in excess of the required number to the next statement cycle?
No. Since there is no limit on the maximum number of transactions allowed, each month starts over the requirement cycle.

Must I access my e-Statement online in order to qualify for Vista Checking?
No. You need only to sign up with a valid email address so we can we send you a notice when your statement is ready to be viewed. You do not have to login and access your statement.

Can I have a Vista Checking account if I don’t own a computer?
Yes, as long as you have a valid e-mail account. Free e-mail accounts are available through several different web sites. Peninsula Credit Union provides free access to online accounts. Public libraries have internet access to help with this. Some free e-mail service companies are Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Is there a minimum balance requirement in order to receive my rewards?
The Credit Union does not require a minimum balance as long as the requirements are met. In order to receive the stated dividend rate, the average daily balance must be $0.01.

Is there a limit on the amount of ATM refunds that I can receive during a statement cycle?
Yes, as long as the requirements are met, all ATM transaction fees will be refunded up to $20.00 per month.

Will I be able to use my existing Debit Card, checks, and account number with my Vista Checking account or will those all change?
Upon conversion to a Vista account, all of your current Checking account information will still be used. There is no need to change any of it.

How can I convert my current checking account to a Vista Checking account?
A Member Services Representative can help you convert your current checking account to Vista.

Can this be used as a business account?
No. This account is for consumer use only.

Does Vista include free checks?
No, prices vary depending on the style you choose.

When are eStatements available?
Your eStatements are available the first of every month at You will receive a reminder e-mail when they are available, but you can review your statements at any time. In addition, your year end tax statements are stored there.

Are all of my debit transactions immediately sent to Peninsula Credit Union?
Your 12 debit transactions to qualify must have been posted to your account within the qualifying period. In the great majority of cases those transactions are almost an immediate event, however, in some instances the merchant or retailer may delay the submission of a transaction for a short time up to a few days. This is not an event that you or PCU can control, and as a result may affect the number of your transactions posted in a qualifying period.

Horizons The perfect account for our seasoned members.

Horizons Checking is designed for members who use their checking account frequently. This account offers free Horizons style checks with no monthly service charge for members age 55 and over when they maintain a minimum monthly balance of $400.

  • $400 Minimum balance applicable for waiver of monthly $6.95 fee (Available for members age 55 or over).
  • 3 free teller checks per month
  • Surcharge free ATM transactions
  • Free logo checks (one box per order)
  • 1/2 off safe deposit box annual rental fee
  • Free coin machine usage
  • PCU Perks Benefits including: Shop Local, Save Local with BaZing Savings, Cell Phone Protection, ID Theft Aid, Roadside Assistance, $10,000 Travel Accidental Death Coverage and Pharmacy, Vision and Hearing Savings.

Business Checking

This account is designed specifically for the small business owner, offering a low monthly service fee, no fees for deposits and totaling member checks, or for the first 20 checks that clear each month. For your convenience, there are night depositories at each branch, as well as merchant services (VISA/Mastercard) available. Federal Tax Deposit Services are available electronically, free of charge.

You will need the following in order to open an account:

  • Name
  • Residential Street Address
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (Social Security Number)
  • Date of Birth
  • Current government issued photo identification and a second piece of identification such as a social security card, credit card, insurance card, voter registration card, employer ID, etc.
  • Home Phone
  • Occupation
  • Business License

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