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Life happens to us all. We can help you make a fresh start, take control of your financial life, and rebound.

WOW Stories

Inclusive Lending: One Member’s Triumph in Financial Freedom

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In the series of our member WOW stories, let’s spotlight the remarkable journey of Tamara, a Peninsula member for over two decades. Her tale is not just about financial solutions but a transformation towards true financial freedom.

It all began when Tamara learned about our ITIN loan program in late July. Eager to explore this avenue, she submitted her application with hopes of consolidating her financial journey under Peninsula’s umbrella.

However, the initial response was not as anticipated. The challenge surfaced in the form of insufficient income verification, a roadblock that could have deterred many. But here’s where our commitment to our members shines through — in the thorough review of loan denials.

Digging into the report, our staff member, Darla, recognized an opportunity to turn things around for Tamara. Her current auto loan, managed by an auto loan company, raised a red flag. It was not just about securing a new loan; it was about rescuing Tamara from the clutches of a predatory lender.

Tamara, self-employed for 1.5 years, presented a unique case that demanded a customized approach. Combining her payment history on the existing auto loan with a careful analysis of bank statements, we crafted a solution that transformed an intitial denial into a resounding YES!

The joy on Tamara’s face when she received the news was truly heartwarming. Now, not only does she manage her finances seamlessly under one credit union roof, but she’s also saving significantly on loan interest. This is more than a loan approval — it’s a pivotal step towards reclaiming control over her financial future.

At Peninsula Credit Union, we take pride in these moments of triumph. Tamara’s success story mirrors our commitment to finding personalized solutions that go beyond expectations. We celebrate Tamara’s financial victory and are excited to help her along the path toward greater financial well-being.

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