Online Loan Payments

Online Loan Payment Notice

Peninsula Credit Union recently enhanced our online loan payment capabilities. Enjoy the convenience of making a one-time payment each billing cycle, or make extra payments on demand at any time. Loan payments can be debited from your checking or savings account at the bank or credit union of your choice. You may also make your payments from a debit card.

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Pay your Peninsula loan payments with your personal checking or savings account from any financial institution. It’s easy and convenient!

  •  The payment will be backdated to the date you submit the payment request.
  • Your account number will be required to complete your payment.
  • The payment transaction limit is $1000.
  • You can not make PCU Visa Credit Card payments using the “Pay Now” feature.
  • The Online Payment Center does not show the total amount owed on the loan. To pay your loan in full, please call 1.800.426.1601 during normal business hours for more information.


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Helpful tips during registration:

Payment system is optimized for use with Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Your member number is your account number. Please only include your account number with no leading zeros or share or loan IDs.