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A Personal Line of Credit (PLC) is a revolving credit account, which allows you to draw funds up to your designated credit limit providing a ready source of funds available whenever you need them. The PLC also provides no-fee overdraft protection for you whenever you need it!

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Terms and conditions are subject to change. Rate determined by applicant’s credit. Ask a Peninsula Credit Union Representative for details.

Borrow and Save

Credit unions have a long and proud history of helping members and it is why we are working to break the Payday Lender cycle. It is for that reason that we instituted the Borrow and Save program. Borrow and Save is a small dollar loan product benefiting low-and-moderate income US consumers. Introduced by the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, Borrow and Save increases consumers’ economic security by providing an affordable small dollar loan with payment terms that makes sense for them. A built-in savings component also enables consumers to self-fund their emergencies instead of borrowing money to handle them.

The idea is simple, rather than perpetuate a system of high interest loans, we set the loan up right, start the member on the road to savings and provide financial education. We hope to help improve the lives of our most vulnerable members and provide a path to financial freedom, breaking the chains of payday lenders.

For more information, please speak to a Member Services Representative.

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Borrow & Save

Borrow and Save is a small dollar loan product benefiting low-and-moderate income US consumers.

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